The 2023 onboarding survey report

People are changing jobs like never before – and amidst a once-in-a-lifetime shift in the way we work, it’s time to rethink the onboarding process and its impact on employee success. A recent OnePoll survey of over 2,000 knowledge workers discovered how insufficient onboarding results in perpetually struggling employees – and what the key is to helping them thrive instead.

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Employees are struggling with information overload 

The employee journey has changed, and the volume of information they work with has ballooned – but onboarding hasn’t changed to keep up with the pace. It’s resulted in serious lapses in worker knowledge that lead to disengagement and inefficiency. 

Onboarding is key to enabling their success

This report uncovers exactly what’s preventing employees from thriving – and how better onboarding and knowledge discovery can transform the modern employee experience for the better. 

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  • How to recognize the signs of struggling employees 
  • Where inefficiencies exist in modern onboarding processes 
  • How poor onboarding is costing you and your employees 
  • What employees need to thrive and succeed from the get-go
January 16, 2023
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January 16, 2023
January 10, 2023
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January 16, 2023

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2023 onboarding survey



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