Operationalizing Generative AI for the Enterprise


What You’ll Learn

Generative AI is ushering in a new computing platform on par with the dawn of the internet. It is a transformative technology that can redesign enterprises from top to bottom, making them more efficient, productive and ultimately more competitive. The company that can harness generative AI early will stand apart from the crowd. This webinar will focus on operationalizing generative AI for the enterprise, exploring early candidates for use cases and establishing a framework for deployment while minimizing risks such as hallucinations, privacy breaches and IP infringement.

Featured Speakers:

Deedy Das (Founding Engineer, Glean)

Deedy Das is on the founding team of Glean where he leads engineering teams in Search and Intelligence. Prior to that, he built search products for Google across New York, Tel Aviv, and Bangalore. He writes about technology on his blog and Twitter. His writing has been viewed over 100M+ times and featured in global news publications.

Lee Gonzales (Director of Engineering, BetterUp)

Lee Gonzales is the Director of Engineering at BetterUp. As an engineering leader, Lee has experience building and scaling SaaS solutions and high performance teams who make the world better. Prior to joining the BetterUp team, Lee took time to learn more about the latest AI/ML tools and platforms, go on camping trips, read, and work on passion projects.