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Automate everyday work by deploying AI chatbots, assistants and apps at scale.

Unlock the full potential of genAI in the enterprise

Enable your business to leverage the latest language models across all your unstructured data and build custom generative apps that unlock productivity.

Glean Apps

No-code generative AI app builder

Improve your company's productivity by building powerful custom generative AI apps without writing code. Tailor generative AI experiences for specific use cases with custom prompts and knowledge. Securely leverage company data without cumbersome integration.

Enable Glean to take action on a user's behalf

Unlock the power of generative AI by enabling Glean to take action in your company's systems. Leverage out-of-the-box actions or build your own using Glean's SDK all while ensuring actions are approved by humans before they happen.

Build with Glean to accelerate creation of custom applications

Enable developers to spend time on building the important parts of applications. Bring generative AI anywhere your company needs it with the Chat API or unlock enterprise-wide RAG for custom AI applications with the Search API.

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LLM Agnostic Approach

Simplify complexity and customize your Glean experience by leveraging Gemini 1.5 Pro or Claude 3 Sonnet through Vertex AI and Claude 3 Sonnet on Bedrock. Utilize the LLM of your choice to power all generative AI functionalities within Glean to ensure simplicity and speed of implementation while retaining product quality and customer security.

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Want to know which city we're going to next?

Join leading CIOs, developers, and Glean experts for a conversation on how to take a platform approach to building AI applications with enterprise security and scale, including a sneak-peek at what's next from Glean.

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Tour of the new features

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Glean's AI features build on the foundation of incredible search and retrieval of our internal knowledge, unlocking practical and impactful use cases that are contextualized and customized for us so it always stays relevant.”

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Matt Mangia

Staff Partner Solutions Engineer
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