The first AI platform for enterprise search and knowledge discovery.

The world’s most advanced AI platform for the enterprise.

  • Powerful deep learning models understand your company’s information and users’ queries.
  • Your unique enterprise knowledge graph understands people, content, and interactions.
  • Connect to all enterprise knowledge and enforce the existing permissions of your data sources.

Search across all your company’s apps.

Semantic understanding.

Vector search powered by deep learning-based LLMs enables semantic understanding for natural language queries.

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Personalized results.

Results are based on who you are, what you’re working on, and who you’re working with.

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Built for trust.

AI grounded in your company’s own trusted knowledge model delivers the answers you need, aligned to your organization’s data privileges.

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Manage all company knowledge effortlessly.

Verified answers.

Capture answers to popular questions. Verify they’re up-to-date.

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Curated collections.

Any team can organize related documents and links into a collection for easy onboarding and enablement.

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Go Links.

Create and share short memorable links that make it easier to navigate to common resources.

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Discover the things you should know.


Quickly access the files you need, mentions across apps, and popular content trending on your team.

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Stay up to date on the latest news at your company.

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Directory and org chart.

Discover who people are, what they’re working on, and how they can help.

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Enhance your company’s data governance.

Sensitive data discovery.

Run DLP reports to discover over-exposed sensitive content.

GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Service DSAR and ‘right to be forgotten’ requests faster.

User access review.

Conduct UARs to ensure the principle of least privilege is followed.

Security is our top priority.

Glean was built from the ground up with security, privacy, and compliance in mind from day one.


Workplace search that actually works.
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