How CIOs are weighing the risks and benefits of generative AI


In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of technology, CIOs are now at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge solutions into their organization’s workflows, particularly when it comes to generative AI. Although risk reduction and cost efficiency may have made CIOs initially hesitant to fully embrace it, our latest survey discovered that IT leaders are no longer thinking conservatively about generative AI.

Here’s a few insights from our research of CIOs and IT leaders (VP level and above) across companies in the Americas and Europe with 1000+ employees. You’ll discover how their strategies have changed, and how mindsets have shifted to keep up with the competition and rapidly changing landscape. 

Full steam ahead

It's now clear that the time for generative AI is now – 78% of IT leadership widely view it as an essential pillar of future business success, and a major driver of workforce productivity. And with 91% agreeing that it’s their responsibility to bring in and integrate new technologies into their organizations, CIOs are firmly at the helm of change when it comes to generative AI tools.

CIOs are leading the introduction and integration of new technologies

Furthermore, cost efficiency, often a primary concern for CIOs, now ranks considerably lower on the list of apprehensions regarding generative AI implementation. Only 18% of respondents consider the cost of third-party services a top concern, followed by 14% who are worried about the cost of developing or training large language models (LLMs). Furthermore, only 12% are concerned about data infrastructure costs.

Cost concerns now trail in terms of priorities for IT leaders

This indicates a core shift in focus from traditional cost metrics and spend efficiency, to the return on investment that generative AI promises for worker productivity. 

Get ahead with generative AI today

CIOs also reported having largely mixed opinions about their businesses’ status in regard to generative AI adoption and integration. Over 50% of respondents stated that they were not definitively ahead of their competitors when it came to generative AI. It has resulted in a highly competitive landscape where those who embrace change first could see significant first-mover advantages, placing them far ahead of the competition. For more insights on how the advent of generative AI is causing CIOs and IT leadership to adapt, get the full eBook here

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