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There’s a lot to consider when it comes to building an enterprise search solution that works just the way you need it to. Beneath the intuitive search bar, Glean utilizes a robust suite of powerful AI capabilities, indexing tools, and the enterprise knowledge graph to deliver best-in-class search relevance. Get a look under the hood and see what drives Glean’s market-leading enterprise search platform. 

Building the enterprise knowledge graph

The foundation of Glean’s search engine is the enterprise knowledge graph – a real-time model of an enterprise’s indexed information. The knowledge graph is built upon three pillars:

  • Content – Individual assets, documents, messages, tickets, entities, etc. 
  • People – Identities and roles, teams, departments, groups, etc. 
  • Activity – Content creation/creators, editing history, comments, searches, clicks, etc. 

This contextual understanding of enterprise knowledge, along with the capability to understand the relationship between all these pillars, enables Glean to provide results with exceptional relevance that’s impossible for out-of-the-box search solutions to achieve.

Personalization through self-tuning

Glean also learns as you continue to use it. As the enterprise knowledge graph fills with content and context, Glean gradually provides better and better results over time as it adapts based on new knowledge and user activity. We utilize self-tuning search ranking models in combination with the enterprise knowledge graph to understand the context and relationship between the employees in an organization and the work that they do. This is why the longer a customer stays with us, the better their language model becomes.

AI-powered enterprise search that works 

Glean brings cutting-edge AI to the enterprise to help workers do more meaningful work and accelerate productivity. AI-based features like output personalization, vector search, and language comprehension (acronyms, definitions, etc.) help form the core of Glean’s unique search experience, making Glean the best way to bring applicable AI technology into knowledge work. 

There’s so much more to what makes Glean the leading enterprise search platform of choice – check out our latest guide on how Glean search works to discover how we build the enterprise knowledge graph, the anatomy of a search journey, and how our setup process ensures airtight security while requiring minimal overhead investment to implement.

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