Glean partners with Google Cloud to deliver and scale leading enterprise search


We're excited to announce today Glean’s official partnership with Google Cloud and the availability of Glean on Google Cloud Marketplace. 

For the past few years, Glean has utilized a powerful suite of Google's managed services (such as Cloud SQL, Kubernetes, BigQuery, and more) to build a world-class search solution used by leading enterprises. During the process, Google Cloud's technologies have been crucial to helping Glean stay agile, iterate quickly, and scale effectively. They've enabled our teams to build a product that’s ready to address the most pressing challenges of our time – rapid digital transformation, rampant SaaS sprawl, and knowledge fragmentation. 

This strengthening of our partnership will enable Glean to better service its customers and fulfill its mission by harnessing the limitless potential of Google’s partner ecosystem and network of specialized providers. Google Cloud customers can now also readily leverage Glean to harness the benefit of real-time knowledge discovery and innovative indexing to instantly search across all their applications, while empowering their teams to find the answers and information they need to deliver their best work. 

"We're excited to be partnering with Google Cloud to grow our business in a space Google knows well: search. Google is helping us become a leader in enterprise search by enabling us to innovate our investments in machine learning and Al in order to deliver a personalized, intelligent search experience for thousands of enterprise employees," says AJ Tennant, VP of Sales and Success at Glean. "Beyond Google helping us innovate in the enterprise search space, we're excited to leverage their scale and the trend for buyers to leverage Cloud Marketplaces for technology investments. We're already seeing great traction and interest from buyers looking to drawdown on their cloud commitments to purchase Glean via Google's Marketplace."

We’re incredibly excited to further our partnership with the Google Cloud team and take the next step towards building the unified enterprise search solution that the modern digital workplace demands. If you’re curious what a better enterprise search and knowledge management solution can do for you, sign up for a demo today.

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