Glean sparks curiosities around generative LLMs for the workplace at World Summit AI 2023


Glean recently attended World Summit AI Americas 2023 in Montreal – the world’s leading AI convention in the Americas. We were able to share with the curious crowd a deeper look into how AI and LLMs factor into knowledge management, and how Glean can help deliver on the promise of AI-powered search and discovery through trusted knowledge models.

Chau Tran, Tech Lead for LLMs and Vector Search at Glean, also presented to a standing room only audience on: 

  • The importance of separating coherence from knowledge
  • Why it’s essential to anchor generative LLMs in domain-adapted semantic search
  • What it takes to integrate a generative model that workers can trust into the modern enterprise

If you’re curious to know what all the buzz was about, check out our on-demand webinar and learn all about the future of AI-powered workplace search!

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