Software development success relies on maximizing coding time and efficiency


With the proliferation of hybrid work environments, knowledge silos, and work applications, it's more challenging than ever for software engineers to maximize coding time and efficiency. Yet, in order to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market, software engineers need the time to deliver meaningful work, and the right information to proceed without interruptions or breaking flow. 

Teams that work now to solve this persisting problem will have an immense advantage when it comes to staying ahead of the curve. Software engineers will be able to take hours spent each week answering questions, searching for answers, and juggling a plethora of disparate tools, and transform them into valuable time spent in code. In this blog, we’ll run through three considerations that’ll ensure your software development teams can maximize their time and efficiency. 

  • Rethinking knowledge discovery to eliminate silos: Seven out of ten software developers run into a knowledge silo once a week. Each time they do, it cuts into their productivity and disrupts their workflow until they can get the right stakeholder or resource to fill the knowledge gap. With comprehensive work management and enterprise search tools now available, struggling with knowledge silos should be a thing of the past – teams integrating better methods of knowledge discovery will rocket ahead of those without an appropriate solution in place. 
  • Search is a struggle: Search remains a core pain in most software engineering workflows. Locating the right documentation, code history, and precedents can eat up more than 30 minutes a day for most developers – delays that add up quickly over time. Implementing the right search solution saves engineers hours each week, along with removing everyday bottlenecks that prevent the progress of great work. 
  • Code more, manage less: More than half of all developers are looking for peace of mind – simply one tool where they can consolidate information and collaboration. With so many new apps making their way into the daily workflows of modern software engineering teams, workers are losing considerable time and focus while tracking progress across disparate applications. Considering a way to unify and consolidate the information retained within ever-growing and changing tech-stacks is the key to unlocking productivity nirvana for teams spending far too much time simply trying to keep up. 

Tackling information and knowledge management challenges is just the tip of the iceberg – integrating transformative generative AI technology into existing workflows, and dealing with the talent gap by onboarding new search solutions is essential to being prepared for the future of software engineering. Get the complete picture by downloading our latest whitepaper.

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