Google Sites

Search your websites to find the information you need through Glean’s integration capabilities with Google Sites.

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Google Sites is a platform that helps users develop high-quality business websites. Glean understands all user access permissions and strictly enforces permissions for users at the time of the query, which ensures users are not able to see pages they don’t have access to.


The Google Sites connector will allow you to search for Google Sites pages within Glean, instead of having to bookmark specific results or go into the app itself to perform the search.


Filter through Google Sites content quickly based on document type, authors, tag, category, etc.

Get more context around pages and posts, such as date of publishing, date of last modification, and author or owner name, in one place.

Glean’s Collections feature allows similar files, sites, and links across many platforms to be grouped together, making them convenient for users to access when working on a project.

Additional apps


Add custom data sources into Glean’s enterprise search software using our API to index application content.

Other websites

Connect other sources of company knowledge, like your customer-facing help center or internal websites.

Browser history

Glean can also search across workplace apps in your browser history, such as Airtable, Coda, Figma, and more.

Workplace search that actually works.
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