Search all of your Highspot Spots and Items with Glean’s Highspot integration.

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Highspot is a sales enablement software that delivers the right resources at the right time and identifies and shares best practices between sales reps. Connecting Highspot with Glean allows Glean to fetch relevant Highspot content.


Glean will capture the following content:

  • All Spots
  • All Items in Spots, as well as:
  • Item metadata
  • Item content


Customer support teams can stay engaged and find possible solutions to customer issues more easily, as Glean search provides relevant information from Highspot Spots.

You can get more context around Highspot content, such as date of publishing, date of last modification, and author or owner name, in one place.

Additional apps


Add custom data sources into Glean’s enterprise search software using our API to index application content.

Other websites

Connect other sources of company knowledge, like your customer-facing help center or internal websites.

Browser history

Glean can also search across workplace apps in your browser history, such as Airtable, Coda, Figma, and more.

Workplace search that actually works.
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