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LumApps engages employees with personalized communications and connects them with the tools, people, and information they need to work effectively. Glean supports permissions-enforced indexing of content in LumApps, as well as powering the search in LumApps. Data within Glean is kept fresh and in sync with the same data in LumApps. For customers interested in improved LumApps content personalization and ranking, Glean also offers an optional integration extension.


Glean indexes the following content:

  • Content pages (including homepages, directory listings, custom content pages, etc.)
  • Community pages
  • Community posts For all indexed content, Glean processes and displays the title, last updated time, author, and text snippets on the search result


Search for and get more context around LumApps content, including title, last updated time, author, and text snippets.

Never miss out on company content by using Glean to search through Community pages and posts.

Get improved LumApps content personalization and ranking using Glean’s optional integration extension.

Additional apps

Custom apps

Add custom data sources into Glean’s enterprise search software using our API to index application content.

Other websites

Connect other sources of company knowledge, like your customer-facing help center or internal websites.

Workplace apps from your browser history

Glean’s enterprise search software can also search across any apps you use in your browser, such as Airtable, Coda, and more.

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