Generative AI for your enterprise.

Glean Assistant is the enterprise-ready digital workplace assistant powered by next-generation AI.

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Powered by Glean’s trusted knowledge model
State-of-the-art technology ensures levels of accuracy and security not possible with general-purpose AI models.

Company knowledge and context

Glean delivers more relevant and accurate information by understanding your company’s content, internal language, people and relationships.

Permissions and data governance

Glean takes into account all real-time enterprise data permissions, and ensures that users only have access to information that they're allowed to see.

Full referenceability

Glean links to source information across documents, conversations and applications so you can trust the answers provided.
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Answers grounded in your own enterprise knowledge graph:

Glean’s proprietary search engine connects to and understands all your company’s data — ensuring LLMs use the most relevant, up-to-date information. With Glean, each employee receives answers with unparalleled personalization.

Responsible AI that scales to your enterprise needs:

Results are secure, private, permissions-aware, and fully referenceable. Scalable infrastructure and auditing tools ensure sensitive data is used as intended​​​. 

Turnkey implementation of a complex ecosystem:

100+ pre-built connectors. Implement Glean without professional services, data training, or fine-tuning necessary. Use the LLMs of your choice on one centralized AI platform.

Generative AI for Engineering

  • Take command of engineering workflows by combining information from GitHub, Jira, Confluence, Slack and more.
  • Get help writing code based on your company’s existing work.
  • Debug faster with easy answers to technical questions.

Generative AI for Support

  • Get answers to tricky questions based in your company’s trusted knowledge.
  • Make customer communications faster with automated summarization.
  • Simplify cross-team collaboration by capturing activity outside ticketing systems.

Generative AI for Sales

  • Get a comprehensive view of deal activity by automatically looking through Gong, Salesforce, Teams, Slack and beyond.
  • Always be prepared for calls with an assistant that leverages your emails, calls and company data.
  • Craft the best pitch by mining all of your company’s content and conversations.

Generative AI for Everyone

  • Summarize information from multiple company apps with one query.
  • Use Glean to write status updates, customer communications and more.
  • Save time by offloading complex tasks to trustworthy generative AI.

Gleanbot in Slack

  • Save the time your team spends seeking information and answering questions in Slack
  • Configure Glean Assistant to automatically answer questions in specific channels
  • Tag @Glean in threads to answer questions or summarize conversations

The AI-powered work assistant. Across all your company's data.

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