Build custom generative AI solutions.

Use Glean Platform to customize generative AI for your enterprise. Without all the headaches.

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The cheat code for enterprise generative AI.
Glean Platform gives enterprises a comprehensive foundation to build custom generative AI applications. Glean goes beyond generic models by integrating with more than 100 enterprise datasources, including full permissions-awareness, security, and in-depth personalization powered by a comprehensive knowledge graph.

Effortless generative AI for your company.

  • Glean’s generative AI app builder lets you build custom generative AI apps—no coding required.
  • These apps allow enterprises to create defined conversational experiences for tasks like answering FAQs in a Slack channel or handling HR requests.
  • Select which datasources Glean Assistant will use to provide answers, and where it will respond to ensure your employees get the right answers where they need them.
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Powerful APIs for generative applications.

  • Glean’s Chat API allows developers to bring the power of the Glean Assistant beyond Glean to other company applications like intranet or customer service portals.
  • Glean’s Search API allows developers to leverage the power of Glean’s search to power retrieval augmented generation (RAG) in generative AI applications.

Take action with generative AI.

  • With Glean’s Tools SDK, developers can empower Glean Assistant to take action on a user’s behalf. Users can rely on generative AI for tasks like writing emails, filing tickets, and more.
  • Actions built with the Tools SDK leverage the power of Glean search to make actions seamless and easy to execute.

The AI-powered work assistant. Across all your company's data.

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