Glean Availability Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Availability SLA

For customers with a paid service contract, Glean will meet or exceed 99.9% uptime availability for every calendar month of the service term.

Glean Maintenance Policy

The Glean service is engineered with minimal downtime by design.  There are occasions in which scheduled or emergency maintenance are required to maintain long-term service availability and will not be counted toward downtime.  Glean will communicate scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance which impacts service availability as appropriate.

Customer Obligations

Customer will act in good faith to support overall service availability and must maintain the following:

  • Customer is utilizing Glean-approved generally available versions in their production environment
  • For self-hosted customers - cloud infrastructure utilized for hosting Glean must be:
          - Current on payments
          - Implemented to at least the minimum cloud resource requirements as defined by Glean
          - Access to systems and resources for management of the system to Glean available at all times
          - Compliant with any Glean requirement for configuration to support the service
  • Connected applications integrated into the Glean deployment must be:
          - Current on payments
          - Access and authorization to systems available at all times
          - Network availability to applications available at all times
  • Immediate access to Customer personnel or relevant 3rd party personnel who have access and authorization to act upon requests from Glean to reduce or resolve the impact of any unavailability event.


The following conditions are excluded from the calculation of monthly unavailability events:

  • Features which are not under published general availability
  • Features specifically designated as excluded from the SLA, e.g. custom integrations
  • Actions or inaction on the part of the Customer or 3rd party acting on behalf of the Customer which hinder or prevent restoration of service availability
  • Factors which are outside of Glean’s reasonable control
  • Cloud provider or integrated application provider unavailability or outage events

Service Credits

In the event Glean is unable to meet the availability target for a calendar month and Customer meets its obligations under this agreement, the Customer may issue a request for Service Credits from Glean.  Any request for Service Credits must be made by the customer in writing to Glean by an authorized representative of the Customer.  Any Service Credits awarded will be in the form of future service fees beyond the current contracted service period.


Customer.  The business entity, whether a direct customer of Glean or partner of Glean providing service to another business entity or entities, who entered into a valid Customer Agreement with Glean indicating that Glean will provide an Operational Service Level Agreement to that entity.

System Availability.  The total number of minutes in a month, minus the number of minutes of Downtime in a month, divided by the total number of minutes in a month.

Downtime. The period of time in whole minutes where the Glean service is unavailable to all users at the Customer. Downtime does not include:

  • Scheduled or Emergency Maintenance
  • Any Exclusions (see above)

Any period of downtime less than half of one minute will not be counted as Downtime.

Scheduled Maintenance. The period of time in minutes of unavailability of the Glean Service which is used to conduct service maintenance activities. Scheduled maintenance excludes normal operating maintenance activities which do not incur service downtime which affects the Customer.

Emergency Maintenance. The period of time in minutes of unavailability of the Glean Service which is used to conduct maintenance activities which cannot be planned and may be used to address a security issue, prevent Service disruption, prevent data corruption, or comply with legislative requirements.