Glean Support Agreement

Support Offerings

Glean customers have the option to purchase a support contract as part of their services agreement and grants them entitlement to certain Service Level Agreements and Service Targets.

Service Level Agreements (SLA's)
The primary SLA which a customer is entitled to in the Response Time SLA.  Upon successful submission of an issue in the approved Incident submittal system, the customer will receive a response from Glean Support at or before the stated SLA time has expired.

Service Targets
Service Targets which a customer will receive include Next Reply Time and Resolution Time.

  • Next Reply Time is calculated from the time the Customer provides an Incident Ticket update until the time Glean Support provides a response for that ticket.
  • Resolution Time is calculated from the time Glean Support and the Customer agree a fix is required and the time in which it is delivered.

Support Locations and Hours of Operation

Glean Support provides Support Services to Customers from its support locations in [California, United States and Bangalore, India].  Standard hours of Operation for Support are 8:00 am until 5:00 pm Pacific time. Each Glean Support location will observe standard national holidays which will result in recalculating SLA and Service Target dates and times accordingly.

Glean Support provides 24 x 7 support for Urgent Priority issues only.

Incident Submission

Glean Support maintains a support portal which Customers use to submit, view status and update Incidents with Glean. Only Incidents submitted through the official Glean support portal will be eligible for SLA entitlement or Service Target tracking.  Glean may offer other channels for support collaboration including email, phone or online chat which are not entitled to SLA’s.

Incidents may only be submitted by Designated Support Contacts as identified by the Customer and provisioned as users in the Glean support portal.

Priority Levels

Customers are required to properly assess business impact and urgency prior to selecting and submitting an Incident ticket with a requested priority level. Glean Support reserves the right to reclassify the priority level at any time if Glean reasonably believes the classification is incorrect.

Critical Glean functionality is completely unavailable, causing a material impact on Customer’s business or operations, or there is a security breach. Examples of Urgent Priority events include:

  • Glean Search is unavailable to all users
  • Glean Search is impacting other critical business applications
  • All Glean Indexed datasources are unavailable for search operations
  • A security incident is detected in the Glean infrastructure

Critical Glean functionality is interrupted, degraded or unusable, having a severe impact on Customer’s business or operations. Examples of High Priority events include:

  • Glean Search is unavailable to a subset of users or intermittently available to all users
  • Some Glean indexed datasources are unavailable for search operations
  • A new Glean release caused a negative impact on existing business applications

Glean functionality is interrupted, degraded or unusable, having a minor impact on Customer’s business or operations. Examples of Normal Priority events include:

  • Glean Search is intermittently available to some users
  • Search results are incomplete or abnormally truncated from known indexed data sources
  • General interface issues – User Interface or API

Non-critical inquiries or issues, not impacting Customer’s business operations.  Examples of Low Priority events include:

  • Glean Search quality is degraded
  • Glean Search is missing known, good documents in search results
  • General inquiries including documentation, release content, billing and usage
  • Any other general product issue

Incident Resolution and Closure

Glean Support will resolve an Incident when a resolution or workaround has been provided to the Customer, except when:

  • Customer resolves the Incident in the Glean support portal directly without verification
  • Customer has not responded to requests from Glean Support for a reasonable amount of time
  • A timeframe was predefined between Customer and Glean Support to resolve the Incident regardless of the outcome or progress of the Incident

Customer will be granted a reasonable amount of time to request to reopen the Incident should the resolution or workaround be unsuccessful.

Glean Support will close the Incident, thereby being unable to re-open or make further modifications to the Incident following a reasonable timeframe after solving the Incident. Upon termination of support service with Glean, all open Customer Incidents will be closed by Glean Support.

Support Offering Matrix

Customer Obligations

In order to provide the highest quality support, Glean requires a level of partnership with the Customer.  The Customer will assign Designated Support Contacts to work with Glean on support issues. Designated Support Contacts must:

  • Understand the Glean deployment in the customer or hosted environment
  • Provide timely and accurate responses to Glean Support team member requests
  • Act upon requests from Glean Support including gaining access to Customer contacts who have required access and permissions to take action which will resolve the Incident
  • Leverage Glean-provided documentation sources and tools for self-service resolution of Incidents
  • Accurately characterize Incidents reported: thoroughly describe symptoms, provide background information leading up to the Incident, describe the business impact and select the appropriate priority classification
  • Provide Support to Customer end-users thereby ensuring Glean Support is focused on Incidents submitted by the Designated Support Contacts only


Certain exclusions may result in invalidation of Service Level Agreement obligations and include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure to act upon, clarify or reply to requests from Glean Support
  • Failure to provide system, network, application or permissions access to underlying datasources indexed by Glean
  • Failure to provide required resources or materially change resources to any hosted system required by Glean software to run according to published specifications
  • Failure to provide qualified Designated Support Contact
  • Failure to notify Glean Support of any circumstance which may assist in the resolution of an Incident
  • Failure to meet terms of service in the Customer Master Services Agreement


Closure. The final state of the customer’s submitted Incident, whereby no further updates may be made to the issue.

Customer. The business entity, whether a direct customer of Glean or partner of Glean providing service to another business entity or entities, who entered into a valid Customer Agreement with Glean indicating that Glean will provide Support Services to such entity.

Datasource.  An application which contains records or documents which are retrieved or received via Glean-approved integration method for indexing and providing to end users via search capability.

Incident. An unplanned interruption to the Glean service or reduction in the quality of the Glean service that impacts the Customer.

Resolution. Either (a) fixing the root cause of the Incident; (b) providing a temporary or permanent work around for the Incident.

Workaround. A modification, a change in process, or “patch”, which may be of a temporary or permanent nature.

Appendix 1

National Holidays by Glean Support location will be provided upon request.