The Role of a Virtual Assistant in CRM Data Management

CRM systems usually hold a vast amount of data, including customer interactions, support tickets, social media comments, and email correspondence. However, a significant portion of this data lacks structure, making it challenging for traditional analytics tools to uncover meaningful insights.

How does a virtual assistant help your sales team with CRM data?

Close more deals: Virtual assistants can analyze CRM data and customer interactions to identify high-potential leads and suggest personalized strategies for closing deals. By providing insights into customer preferences, pain points, and buying behaviors, these assistants empower sales reps to tailor their approach and increase conversion rates.

Prep for meetings and keep accounts straight: Virtual assistants can help sales professionals prepare for meetings by summarizing relevant information from CRM data, email communications, and other sources. They can provide a comprehensive overview of each account, including past interactions, current status, and upcoming opportunities, enabling sales reps to engage more effectively and strengthen relationships with clients.

Get a 360° view of prospects and customers: Glean-like virtual work assistants can aggregate data from various sources, including CRM systems, customer communication channels, and internal databases, to provide a holistic view of prospects and customers. This comprehensive understanding allows sales teams to anticipate needs, address concerns, and deliver personalized solutions that resonate with clients, ultimately shortening the sales cycle.

Search across your company: Virtual assistants equipped with natural language processing capabilities can search across different platforms and repositories within the company to gather insights on issues and opportunities related to sales. Whether it's analyzing customer feedback in Slack, reviewing sales presentations in Highspot, or accessing data in Salesforce, these assistants enable sales professionals to stay informed and proactive in addressing challenges and driving growth.

Keep up with all your deals: Virtual assistants powered by generative AI can synthesize information from multiple sources, including Salesforce, Gong, Slack, Highspot, Teams, and more, to keep sales reps updated on the status of their deals. By summarizing key details, highlighting important milestones, and flagging potential risks or opportunities, these assistants ensure that sales professionals stay organized and focused on moving deals forward.

Find answers quickly: Virtual assistants can provide instant access to information and insights needed to answer questions or troubleshoot customer problems. By leveraging AI-powered search capabilities, these assistants can quickly retrieve relevant data from CRM systems, knowledge bases, and other sources, enabling sales reps to respond promptly and confidently to customer inquiries, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How can Glean help?

Respond to prospects with confidence: Even with the best enablement, reps will still find themselves on the receiving end of tough questions. Glean helps them respond with confidence by making it possible to find information across your company. Using Glean Assistant, sales team members can quickly get answers to any question based on trusted knowledge, along with citations that help them ensure they are providing the best information. Reps can use Glean Assistant to write emails, stay updated on their deals, and even summarize complex documents, wherever they are, whenever they need assistance.

Learn from your team and win together: With Glean, sales reps can instantly find the right information to help close deals. Rather than sifting through multiple data sources to try and find the best collateral for addressing prospects, reps can go to Glean and search once to find all the relevant information they could need. Glean’s native integrations with platforms like Salesforce, Highspot and Gong mean that prospect information, sales enablement material and other important information are just a search away.

Accelerate time to revenue for new reps: Glean speeds up the time to value for new sales reps by making it easier for them to find all the information they need to get up to speed. Glean Assistant can be a mentor, explaining important concepts and complex ideas whenever they need help. New reps can learn about past engagements with key accounts, learn the product they are selling and gather sales collateral, without missing a beat. Because Glean is easy to use, new employees can self-serve their questions, before they have to disrupt other team members.

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