Why great enterprise search and generative AI requires a comprehensive knowledge graph


In the rapidly evolving landscape of enterprise technology, the power of a comprehensive knowledge graph cannot be overstated. To deliver great search and generative AI results, enterprise tools require a complete and thorough understanding of all the content, people, and activity in an organization – along with how each piece of information relates to one another. 

Glean’s approach to building and utilizing a unique knowledge graph for each customer does just that. Every knowledge graph consists of signals and connections that deliver a solution which is enterprise-ready, for every organization, without requiring meticulous and time-consuming fine-tuning.

The foundation of Glean’s knowledge graph

At its core, Glean's knowledge graph is a sophisticated model that encapsulates all the content, people, and activity within an enterprise. It’s built through the integration of over 100 connectors, which allows Glean to construct a unique graph for each customer. 

This graph does more than just map the direct connections between data. It also considers a myriad of signals and relationships between each piece of information. For example, our semantic search system, Scholastic, understands how workers in each organization uniquely communicate with one another. In response, it adapts language models to each customer's unique language, fine-tuning over their corpus and their clicks on documents within queries.  Features like these, alongside an intricate network of other signals, enables Glean to offer state-of-the-art hybrid search and generative AI capabilities that continuously learn and improve over time.

Glean’s knowledge graph understands the relationships between all the content, people, and activity within your organization

This system also enables Glean to achieve an exceptional level of personalization and semantic understanding. This not only enhances the relevance of search results but also ensures that the generative AI applications powered by Glean are finely attuned to the specific needs and nuances of each enterprise.

Learn more about our complete knowledge graph here.

Search and AI for the modern workplace

Glean's knowledge graph leverages a vast array of signals, including document popularity, people-to-people connections, location personalization, and department affinity, among others, to deliver comprehensive search results that go beyond the capabilities of traditional third-party solutions. By providing a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of an organization's data, Glean enables businesses to unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation. Whether it's through enhanced search capabilities that save time and reduce frustration or through new generative AI applications, Glean's knowledge graph is a powerful tool that transforms the way enterprises access and utilize information. 

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