Introducing Glean Chat: Explore the full potential of AI chat assistance for the workplace

Arvind Jain


Last month, Glean announced a suite of enterprise-grade generative AI search capabilities for the modern workplace. We delivered new and exciting features like expert detection and in-context recommendations, enabling workers to utilize generative AI to better understand their company's content, employees, activity, and how they all relate to one another. 

Today, we’re unveiling the next major step in the journey to unlocking the full power of generative AI for workers – Glean Chat. It’s what you’ve always imagined ChatGPT for work would be – a secure, generative AI assistant that automatically analyzes up-to-date enterprise information, and then synthesizes actionable insights and precise answers for any work-related questions you may have. In this blog, we’ll show you how this new feature works, how easy it is to use, and why it’s the world's first and only enterprise-ready chat assistant

Conversational AI that speaks your language

Sifting through a mountain of conversations, documents, and applications across your enterprise, let alone taking the time to analyze and synthesize information from each source, can be a headache. We've designed Glean Chat to do this for you, from end-to-end, across all your company's apps and knowledge sources (including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Jira, GitHub, and nearly 100 more applications). 

Glean Chat also integrates its deep understanding of all your company's content, employees, activity, and how they relate to one another, to deliver personalized answers that are best fit for each individual user. 

Let’s take a look at how you can use Glean Chat to supercharge your workflows: 

  • Comprehensive status updates regarding recent developments

It’s been a particularly busy month, and you’re trying to get caught up with the latest and greatest after a couple days out of the office. You could spend the better part of the week sifting through a pile of Slack messages, Gong calls, emails, and Salesforce records – or you could just ask Glean Chat to inform you about what’s going on. A quick prompt can provide you with the most recent facts and developments you need to know in order to proceed – well-informed and up to date.

  • Actionable insights drawn from internal resources

Kicking off a new project can be difficult when there’re so many moving pieces and sources of information to work with. Glean Chat excels at getting you past that initial barrier by generating summarized insights from large volumes of enterprise data (such as product feedback from hundreds of sales calls!) – helping you get moving without being bogged down with repetitive tasks.

  • Spark action and progress with automated content generation

If you’re looking to move quickly and build enterprise-sensitive content without working from scratch, Glean Chat has you covered. It can generate refined assets like marketing emails, Jira tickets, and customer communications that integrate a thorough understanding of all relevant content and context – helping you proceed quickly and confidently with your work.

"Generating quick answers and summaries of tens of thousands of documents from our own knowledge bases without having to read through long documents is becoming invaluable in our company— a huge time saver," said Rebecca Scales, Head of Tech Learning & Development at Noom.


Ready for enterprise environments

Most importantly, unlike more general-purpose models, Glean Chat was built specifically for the enterprise. Accuracy, security, and referenceability are essential to ensuring that generative AI is genuinely useful in complex and sensitive environments. It needs to understand both content and context, along with the complex relationships among people, a company’s internal language, as well as privacy and security parameters. 

Developed over four years to meet these requirements, Glean’s trusted knowledge model addresses those needs by being built around three pillars:

  • Company knowledge and context: Glean retrains deep learning language models on a company’s unique knowledge base and develops a thorough understanding of content, internal language, people, and the relationships within an organization. This enables Glean to recognize nuances like how people collaborate, how each piece of information relates to another, and what information is most relevant to each user. 
  • Permissions and data governance: Glean takes into account all real-time enterprise data permissions and governance rules and ensures that users only have access to information that they're allowed to see. 
  • Full referenceability: For generative AI results, Glean provides full linking to source information across documents, conversations, and applications; providing a higher level of transparency and trust. Users know exactly where every piece of information comes from, and who’s responsible for it.

Supercharge work today – not tomorrow

Best of all, Glean is ready out-of-the-box – although fully customizable, Glean has a quick setup process that requires no third-party engagements and no professional services. Users can benefit straight away from the latest generative AI breakthroughs without having to build and maintain a costly platform of their own. 

As industries shift rapidly to accommodate generative AI to supercharge workflows and accelerate ahead of the competition, getting a head start can make all the difference. If you’re interested in learning more, sign up for a demo today!

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What can I do with Glean Chat?

What can I do with Glean Chat?

Glean Chat can help every worker supercharge their workflows by providing relevant, enterprise-specific answers for any work-related questions.

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