Announcing enterprise-grade generative AI search capabilities for the modern workplace

Arvind Jain


It’s a big day for Glean – we’re announcing today a suite of new enterprise-ready features that’ll integrate cutting-edge AI and generative experiences into the day-to-day workflows of knowledge workers worldwide. Grounded in Glean’s trusted knowledge model, these features help users to find the information they need with a level of accuracy and security that’s impossible for general-purpose AI models to match. Let me take you through it.

Enterprise-ready AI features

Amidst all the fervor around AI and potential applications for it in the enterprise, deriving concrete uses for everyday knowledge workers might be difficult, particularly due to the unreliable nature of the general-purpose AI models on the market. 

Glean’s latest LLM-based capabilities, grounded in enterprise-specific knowledge, make it easy for anyone to integrate genuinely useful generative AI into their workflows. Remove obstacles like knowledge silos and busywork, and empower people to excel with these new features:

AI answers provide crisp, relevant answers to natural language search queries by utilizing the latest generative machine learning models to understand content, context, and permissions from across an entire organization. 

AI answers is available to Glean customers in a limited private preview, but will be more broadly available within the coming months. For additional information, customers should contact their Glean representative.

Expert detection
displays internal subject matter experts relevant to a user’s search results. This feature works by having AI map subjects to people through a deep understanding of a company’s content, employees, activity, and how they all relate to one another. 

Expert detection is available to all Glean customers today! Over the coming months, we’ll more fully integrate experts into the main page of search results.

In-context recommendations
provide users with supplemental content and context related to any given asset. If a user working on a document wants additional information on the topic, typing Cmd-J (Ctrl-J on Windows) will surface clickable recommendations for related or relevant content from across the company in a companion window. 

In-context recommendations are currently available for any Glean customer with our browser extension installed.

With these powerful updates, Glean is taking enterprise search a step further beyond simple information surfacing. We’re delivering an assistive system that enables enterprise users to push the needle forward in an increasingly complex digital work environment by staying connected not only to company knowledge, but to one another.


Glean’s trusted knowledge model

Underpinning these features is Glean's trusted knowledge model. Generative AI has immense potential, but it needs to be grounded in the right search foundation to be truly valuable. That foundation requires a deep understanding of all the content and context existing within an organization. This includes the relationships between people, internal language, and security parameters.

Developed over the past four years, our trusted knowledge model addresses those needs by building upon three essential pillars: 

  • Company knowledge and context
    Models require a thorough understanding of all the knowledge and context of a specific company. At Glean, we build this through what we refer to as the enterprise knowledge graph, which understands all the content, people, and activity that exists within an organization, along with how each piece of information relates to one another. This enables Glean to better understand an organization’s unique internal language and the collaborative relationships between workers.
  • Permissions and data governance
    Enterprises must be confident that the technology they’re using takes into account all real-time enterprise data permissions and governance rules. Glean fulfills this by ensuring that users only have access to information that they're allowed to see.
  • Full referenceability
    It’s essential that there’s transparency regarding where each piece of information comes from and how each response is generated. Using models operating in black-box environments can result in unchecked misinformation propagating downstream with costly consequences. With Glean, users know exactly where every piece of information comes from, and who’s responsible for it.

Transforming the way we work

Generative AI is a game changer, but it’s not a plug and play solution. It’s an additive force-multiplier that needs to be grounded in the right foundation in order to ensure results are accurate, secure, and reliable. Without this foundation, organizations rushing to integrate generative AI into their workflows risk encountering costly mistakes and misinformation – making the tool potentially more trouble than it’s worth. 

By launching these new features grounded in our enterprise knowledge model, Glean is delivering on the promise of intelligent, AI-powered search and discovery. If you’re interested in learning more, sign up for a demo today!

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