Glean raises over $200M at $2.2B valuation to accelerate deployment of generative AI in the enterprise

Arvind Jain


We have some exciting news to share today. Glean has raised over $200M at a $2.2B valuation. Led by Kleiner Perkins and Lightspeed Venture Partners, this latest round also included participation from existing investor Sequoia Capital, new investors Coatue, ICONIQ Growth, and IVP, strategic investors Capital One Ventures, Citi, Databricks Ventures, and Workday Ventures, and support from existing investor General Catalyst. 

Our investors join us in our belief that Glean is the right solution, built by the right team, at exactly the right time. Our AI-powered work assistant leverages Glean’s state-of-the-art search and RAG technology to retrieve the most relevant, up-to-date information for LLMs to use— enabling Glean to generate highly personalized answers grounded in each organization's unique enterprise knowledge graph. We see a future where Glean is the enterprise AI platform organizations rely on for a ready-to-use AI work assistant, as well as the tools to build custom generative AI experiences grounded in company knowledge. 

Making AI work in the enterprise

As business leaders— particularly CIOs— find themselves under mounting pressure to quickly and securely deploy AI in their organizations, bringing responsible AI to the enterprise has become more important than ever. As revealed by a recent survey of CIOs, 78% of respondents believe generative AI will be critical to workplace productivity. 

However, many are hesitating due to the uncertainties posed by security risks and shadow IT. Ad hoc adoption of generative AI comes with both heavy risks and costs, two of the greatest concerns for IT leaders and CIOs. So although AI has been identified as mission critical for businesses over the coming years, implementation is a considerable challenge with serious implications down the line if not performed properly. 

So what do businesses need to make this work? The key is being able to connect LLMs with all your enterprise data in a way that’s scalable and secure, while reflecting the breadth and depth of your company knowledge. That includes not just all the content within your corpus, but also a deep understanding of how workers are doing their best work, on which projects, and with whom. 

Glean is uniquely positioned to deliver a solution that meets the challenging requirements of a truly enterprise-ready AI assistant. Over the past year, Glean has quickly emerged as the industry-leading enterprise generative AI solution thanks to the launch of our conversation AI assistant. Glean always delivers trusted answers grounded in your knowledge graph, scales responsibly and reliably to your enterprise needs, and features turnkey implementation of a complex AI ecosystem through 100+ connectors— no professional services, data training, or manual fine-tuning required. It’s precisely what CIOs need to move quickly on AI without sacrificing budgets or risking enterprise security.

Glean’s complete knowledge graph utilizes a web of signals to provide highly personalized and relevant answers

Strong foundations, sustainable growth

Since our $100M series C in 2022, we’ve achieved incredible milestones like launching Glean Chat and introducing our low-code/no-code centralized AI platform for companies to build custom generative AI experiences grounded in their company knowledge, all while witnessing industry-best levels of user engagement with our product. Glean’s platform will provide each and every business with the tools they need to build custom generative AI experiences grounded in their unique company knowledge. We’ve a lot further to explore, and this latest round of funding will enable us to develop the most secure, comprehensive, and intuitive enterprise AI platform of the future that empowers our users to truly elevate their workflows and productivity. 

Building Glean has been a gratifying endeavor in large part because of the support and feedback we’ve received from our incredible customers. At our most recent Executive Customer Advisory Day in January, we had an opportunity to bring together CIOs and IT leaders from across the country that use Glean. We discussed what I think are some of today’s most important business topics— how the market’s shifted with the advent of AI, how needs and expectations have adapted, and where Glean fits in that picture.

Glean’s 2023 Executive Customer Advisory Day

One sentiment that stuck with me was how much of a difference Glean makes in our users' lives. One customer noted— "I have been rolling out software for the last 25 years, and never before have I received such amazing feedback about a product." It’s a wonderful reminder of all the incredible work we’ve achieved over here at Glean. 

Since the very beginning, our mission has been straightforward yet ambitious: bring people the knowledge they need to make a difference in the world. Glean Assistant users average 14 queries per day (compared to Google’s average of 3-4), and Glean users save an average of 2-3 hours per employee per week! It’s humbling to take a step back and see what a difference we’ve made, and where we can do even better. 

Again, we’d like to thank all of our customers, partners, investors, community, and team for driving us to this important milestone, and believing in what Glean can and will be. 

Interested in joining us on our journey? Request a demo or check out our open positions on our careers page.

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