Why intuitive work assistance is more relevant than ever in the age of generative AI

Arvind Jain


When Glean launched, we introduced our product as the work assistant with intuition. Your constant companion in the bustle of day-to-day work, capable of immediate understanding without requiring conscious reasoning. Always there with the right answer, right when you need it most. 

Intuition was our guiding principle as we built the market’s leading search solution. As we strike out into the world of generative AI and work assistance, it remains our driving force. 

An essential innovation

What defines exceptional AI-driven work assistance isn’t just speed or coherency, but rather the relevancy and trustworthiness of each answer. However, with most third-party AI solutions on the market, you'll find those qualities hard to find. They lack the immediate and deep understanding of your organization needed to deliver answers that help you to be truly productive. To be worth using beyond just surface level applications, they require intuition. 

I do understand why folks are so urgently rushing to integrate generative AI into their workflows without considering that element. Knowledge is now the gold rush of our era – unlocking the value lying dormant within the many documents, lines of code, images, and conversations in your organization's corpus is the key to unlocking untold potential for your workers. 

Within the near future, unlocking that knowledge through generative AI will be required to keep up with the speed of competition. Having a capable generative AI solution that’s built specifically for your workplace could be the difference between a day spent fruitlessly in meetings, or wrapping up that project before the day’s even over. It’ll be a ubiquitous necessity. 

However, it’s critical that the process is done right. If not, you’ll open yourself to risks with costly business consequences – security breaches, misinformation, workplace conflicts. For the lucky few already figuring it out sooner than later, it’ll provide a first-mover advantage that sets them up for success through a jump in productivity we haven’t seen since the industrial revolution. 

Democratizing the definitive experience

Here at Glean, we’re making the transformation possible for more than just the few by delivering a truly enterprise-ready generative AI solution for those that don’t want to spend years and millions of dollars building it on their own. Glean Assistant delivers everything that people expect from a ChatGPT for work – fresh and personalized results that are always permissions aware, explainable through real sources and citations, and scalable for corpuses of any size and substance. 

The comprehensiveness and reliability provided with each answer is powered by the many years of development we invested into Glean itself – making the most of technologies like our trusted knowledge graph to fuel models with a level of enterprise understanding no other solution on the market can provide. 

Curious to know more about how to get started? In the coming week, we'll be offering live demos of Glean's AI-powered search and assistant tool suite at Google Cloud Next. We’ll also be hosting a Cloud Theatre Talk, and participating in a breakout session on the AI/ML stage. Finally, we'll be hosting a happy hour after the show wraps up at 6:30pm on Tuesday, August 29 on the Metreon Triangle Terrace. 

Drop by, and we’d be happy to show you how an AI work assistant with intuition can change everything about the way you work!

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