Transforming the state of search – Why it’s Glean’s time to shine

John Koo

Chief Marketing Officer

It’s a rare moment when you come across an opportunity that draws you in so completely. I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined Glean as Chief Marketing Officer. For me, Glean was a no-brainer that simply made sense – something being built precisely at the right time, by precisely the right people. Let me share why I chose Glean, and why it’s uniquely poised to tackle the biggest productivity and workplace challenges of the 21st century and beyond. 

Turbulence ahead

The way we work is changing in a way that happens once every generation. Digital transformation and the rise of ever more specialized SaaS apps are helping workers deliver truly exceptional work. 

But the downside of this digital expansion is knowledge fragmentation. The resulting challenge to harness information and know-how is especially painful in the enterprise. This problem is compounded by an increasingly distributed workforce, collaborating across many more channels. If you’ve ever poked a colleague and asked, “Where can I find that write-up that came up in our meeting last week?” and simply received a shrug – you’ve experienced this pain. 

Solving this issue is key to moving forward and staying ahead. Unlocking the full potential of your company know-how, as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, provides you with an immeasurable advantage in this increasingly competitive digital landscape. 

That’s where a rethink in information discovery and search is essential. 

Search with a mission

Glean profoundly differs from other enterprise search solutions – it just works. 

Others have tried over the last 20+ years. Current search products leave users hanging with subpar results, slow or incomplete performance, and outdated algorithms that cause users to spend more time picking through results rather than getting answers. 

Glean, on the other hand, makes new leaps in semantic understanding of your company’s information, and also creates a knowledge graph that incorporates a user's context and intent to provide a new level of information relevancy. Because of this, Glean even helps users find important things they didn’t even think to search for! 

How does Glean succeed where others have failed? A superstar team of technical founders and leaders, originally from Google, Facebook and Uber. This team has deployed a cutting-edge suite of algorithms, AI capabilities, and new ways of discovering information that makes Glean uniquely capable of tackling today’s information tidal wave. This team includes: 

  • Arvind Jain: Founder and CEO. Former Distinguished Engineer at Google. Co-founder at Rubrik. Founding engineer at Riverbed and Chief Architect at Akamai.
  • T.R. Vishwanath: Founding engineer. Former TL in platform and newsfeed ranking at Facebook and principal development lead at Microsoft.
  • Tony Gentilcore: Founding engineer. Former staff software engineer at Google and founder of Chrome’s speed team.
  • Piyush Prahladka: Founding engineer. Former staff software engineer at Google and engineering lead at Uber.

My confidence in our mission and technology is also shared by the Valley’s leading investors. Glean’s raised over $155M from Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Kleiner Perkins, General Catalyst Partners, The Slack Fund, and others. 

Creating something people love

All this circles back to the core mission Glean cares so much about – building a product that people love to use, each and every day, to do better work. Search across your company to find exactly what you need, discover deep insights in a snap, and best of all, do it all through a fast and familiar user experience. 

For IT, Glean is also a breeze to integrate, and works straight out of the box. Most customers can have it up and running within a few hours, which is a far cry from most solutions which require costly professional services teams and ongoing maintenance. Glean is the perfect mix of power and ease of use, which makes it so liked by our users. 

Finally, we’ve all been reading about the exciting developments in generative AI and LLMs. For companies who are wondering how they can take advantage of these technological breakthroughs, Glean has some exciting things coming their way.

Watch this space – we’re just getting started. 

If you’d like a closer look, schedule a demo today. Or check out our careers page if you’re interested in doing something remarkable. 

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