A year of Glean: 2022 Glean roundup


Last year, Glean users conducted a total of over 7 million searches with an approximate satisfaction rate of 85%, which is how often Glean searches provide users with what they need. Considering the average employee (without Glean) spends at least 2 hours a day searching for information – that’s a lot of valuable hours saved and put back into the hands of our customers. 

For us here at Glean, that’s a year well spent! We wanted to take a moment to recap some of the best and brightest features we released for you last year, appreciate a few quotes and experiences from customers, and share a word from our founder on our journey so far. 

Glean’s greatest hits of 2022

Collections – Bringing it together

Package knowledge neatly, square and simple. Glean's Collections feature enables you to organize a set of links and files, attach custom descriptions, and then share the entire package with anyone in the organization. Add URLs from anywhere on the web to a collection, and get started with projects right away by opening all the links in a collection simultaneously through multiple tabs.

Here at Glean, it's been a great way to streamline onboarding and keep teams up-to-date with the latest resources. It's how our Sales and Marketing teams organize their most salient materials. Our engineers use it to quickly kick off common build pipeline projects, as well as create streamlined environments for interview processes. 

Check out the dedicated blog for additional details!

Profiles – Keeping you connected

Searches for people make up at least 10% of our total search volume. It makes good sense – people want to know who they’re working with, what they do, and how to best collaborate. Profiles makes it easy by helping users discover: 

  • …a colleague's availability through a calendar widget, enabling them to set up meetings with a single click. 
  • …the most recent projects someone has worked on, along with the people they most often work with. 
  • …projects they’ve collaborated on with the person they’re searching for. 

It’s a great way to keep people connected, and help digital work be a little more personable. 

Check out the dedicated blog for additional details!

Answers – Less asking, more doing

  • Hey HR – what’s our policy around travel accommodations? 
  • IT team – do we have a guide on troubleshooting requests? 
  • Engineers – what common error codes should I be using?

No one likes asking repetitive questions, much less answering them. Yet, they’re a constant reality, and essential for everything from onboarding to everyday collaboration. 

Glean’s Answers feature has you covered. Save time (and anxiety!) by posting easily Gleanable responses to the most searched and asked questions in your organization. Answers appear at the top of a search page or in line with other results based on relevance. 

Check out the dedicated blog for additional details!

Announcements – Stay in the know 

Celebrating someone’s 5th year work anniversary? Encouraging everyone at a specific office to work from home due to bad weather? Sharing the latest changes to company benefits? 

Unfortunately, hybrid and digital work can make it difficult to keep people on the same page. 

Glean's Announcements feature makes the most important news more shareable, discoverable, and consumable without involving the usual avalanche of email threads and Slack channels. The most important announcements, which can be tailored for each employee based on their department or location, are displayed at the top of their Glean home page. 

Check out the dedicated blog for additional details! 

Customer spotlights

What makes all this work worth it? 

As a customer-first product – hearing from you. Over the last year, we’ve received some incredible feedback from our users on how Glean helps them discover, learn, and scale. Here’s just a few! 

“Glean is a lifeline for new hires...letting each department use the tools that fit their need, but makes tracking down who knows what very accessible. As I quickly learned, it’s easier to search in Glean than it is to Slack coworkers.”

    – Eamon Greeley, Security Engineer, West Coast based Venture Capitalist Firm
"The archival component of these tools is invaluable; new and old team members alike can discover information through Glean, which gives us aggregated search across all our tools and content."

    – Heidi Williams, Head of Engineering for Grammarly Business, Grammarly
“Glean is starting to make the process of finding information at work as simple as Google does for the web—don't worry too much about keeping links or bookmarks around, just search!”

    – Joseph Lisee, Staff Software Engineer, Aurora
"Glean is my workplace superpower…a single search engine for everything I need."

    – Drew Khoury, Technical Principal, Contino

Glean in 2023 and beyond

The really exciting part? We're only just getting started. Glean is in a unique position to transform knowledge discovery for the rapidly digitalizing workforce, enabling people to make the most of their time and deliver better, well-informed results. 

We’re signing off the recap with a word from our founder, Arvind Jain. Thanks for searching, and cheers to many more! 

2022 was a whirlwind of activity. From announcing our $100M Series C funding round, to doubling our team size and number of customers, all while delivering some of our most impactful features yet – it’s been a year full of hard work and triumphs. Thanks to the great Glean team, and of course, each and every Glean user for helping us realize the value of our work and inspiring us to create something truly exceptional. 

I also want to reiterate – Glean is, and will always be, customer-first. As much as we love hearing about all the latest and greatest our customers are doing with Glean, we’re always keenly listening when our users want a little more from our product. Rest assured, our product pipeline is sculpted and driven with those considerations in mind. 

It’s hard to put into words how excited I am for 2023, especially regarding all the incredible work we’re doing to leverage the latest advancements in AI to deliver more advanced and personalized results. It’s only been a year and a half since our launch, and we’ve seen such incredible progress, growth, and feedback.

Stay tuned, get excited, and Glean on!

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