Connect Docebo to search through courses and learning objects along with other apps connected with Glean

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Glean connects seamlessly with your Docebo instance to fetch relevant information that feeds directly into Glean’s enterprise search software. Glean’s Docebo integration understands all user access permissions and strictly enforces them at the time of the query, which ensures that users are not able to see content they do not have access to. Most importantly, all data is stored in a GCP project inside your cloud account, and no data leaves your environment.


Glean’s Docebo integration allows users to search across:

  • Courses
  • Learning objects


Ramp up faster or refresh your memory by being able to easily search and find Courses and Learning Objects within Glean

Get personalized and relevant search results across Docebo content, as Glean’s system incorporates department info to provide personalized results for users.

Additional apps

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Add custom data sources into Glean’s enterprise search software using our API to index application content.

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Other websites

Connect other sources of company knowledge, like your customer-facing help center or internal websites.

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Browser history

Glean can also search across workplace apps in your browser history, such as Airtable, Coda, Figma, and more.

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