Find your recruiting and onboarding data quickly and easily through Glean’s integration capabilities with Greenhouse.

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Greenhouse helps companies that are hiring find, reach, and engage with the best talent quickly and effectively. Glean connects with Greenhouse to bring the recruiting and onboarding data you need directly to your workhub. Glean understands all user access permissions and strictly enforces permissions for users at the time of the search query.


Glean searches across the following content:

  • Candidates (excluding those marked “Private” within Greenhouse)
  • Jobs (excluding those marked “Confidential” within Greenhouse)
  • Scheduled Interviews


Glean’s directory feature helps foster internal communication between the recruiter and the hiring team, allowing the recruiting process to flow more smoothly.

Glean search helps provide users with deeper context around candidates and the job titles that they are applying for, better assisting recruiters and members who are hiring for the position.

Additional apps

Custom apps

Add custom data sources into Glean’s enterprise search software using our API to index application content.

Other websites

Connect other sources of company knowledge, like your customer-facing help center or internal websites.

Workplace apps from your browser history

Glean’s enterprise search software can also search across any apps you use in your browser, such as Airtable, Coda, and more.

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