From surviving to thriving: what do office workers need to succeed at work?

Everything from the way we work to where we work has transformed over the past few years. However, onboarding and knowledge discovery haven’t kept up.Glean’s latest study illuminates why employee success hinges on great onboarding, and how knowledge inaccessibility costs organizations priceless resources and talent.

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Struggles to survive

Onboarding is tough business. Employees take one year and seven months before they can thrive. Unfortunately, a lot can get in the way – everything from scattered information, SaaS sprawl, and time lost searching for what they need to succeed.

Empowered to thrive

The general consensus? There’s a sure way to onboarding excellence, and it’s information accessibility. 

Check out the full infographic to better understand how to elevate new employees from survivors to thrivers, and establish the foundations for long-term success. 

January 10, 2023
Last updated 
December 8, 2022
December 7, 2022
. Last updated 
December 8, 2022

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From surviving to thriving



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