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Ever heard of before? They’re an all-in-one savings super app for everyday Americans looking to save money and access credit to experience more of what life offers. We recently had a wonderful opportunity to sit down with Henry Shi, co-founder at, to discuss how Super made the most of Glean to maximize productivity and facilitate change management during one of the most transformative periods of their business. In this blog, we’ll go over the key points of our discussion, and leave you with some takeaways regarding the impact of better knowledge management on business growth and success. 

Written culture & AI – the perfect match

Super’s story is one that many folks might find familiar – growing quickly, facing rapid change, and transitioning to hybrid or entirely remote workflows from an in-person one. Collaboration grew increasingly complex, meetings piled up, and discussions grew to accommodate more and more people. Although a good problem to have, their rapid pace of growth made it increasingly difficult to share ideas effectively.

As a result, Super decided to implement a written culture to circumvent seemingly endless hours of meetings. And it helped – meeting times were successfully curbed as employees began sharing their thoughts via writing. However, that gave rise to another problem – heaps of new documentation that existed largely unmanaged across different platforms. Much of the time saved from cutting down on meetings went straight back into searching for documentation. 

Partnering with Glean – a foundation of productivity

This is where Glean came in, helping Super convert their written culture into a foundation for exceptional productivity. Whether the information existed within Google Drive, Slack, Confluence, or GitLab, employees could access any and all of their documentation easily. Sales, engineering, support teams, and many more alike were able to accelerate everything from onboarding to understanding code context. 

Ultimately, Glean was able to help Super collectively save over a thousand hours each month, help onboarding employees ramp rapidly, and find exceptional value in the resources that they’d already made, but previously had trouble finding. 

Up next – harnessing enterprise AI

On the horizon for Super? Even bigger and better – especially with the introduction of Glean Chat. By integrating an enterprise-grade generative AI solution that they can trust, Super will be capable of turbocharging workers with an assistant that knows everything their company does – enabling them to deliver value quicker than ever before. 

Whether employees are looking for someone specific on their team, next steps to their onboarding process or their day-to-day workload, or a knowledgeable copilot to assist them in their workflows, Glean Chat can do it all. Through its exceptional understanding of enterprise knowledge, getting the answers Super employees need to move forward is just a quick conversation away. 

“Glean Chat has been a game-changer for! It's incredibly mind-blowing how it can answer complex questions and provide clear answers within seconds. I can't imagine working without it now, and it's truly a must-have tool for our employees. We're living in the future!”

  • Henry Shi, Co-founder @

Interested in learning more about Super’s full story with Glean? Check out the on-demand webinar – and sign up for a Glean demo today to discover what Glean can do for you. 

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