What is Search as a Service?

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What is Search as a Service?

Search as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based model that provides organizations with a comprehensive and scalable search solution. In this framework, businesses can seamlessly integrate advanced search functionalities into their applications or websites, outsourcing the complexities of hosting, maintenance, and operations. 

This on-demand service not only enhances user experience, agility, and scalability but also allows companies to focus on their core objectives while benefiting from efficient and personalized search experiences without the need for extensive in-house IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Search as a Service:

Improved productivity and efficiency: By providing swift access to a wealth of information, documents, and data sources, enterprise search solutions enhance productivity. For instance, legal professionals can quickly locate case precedents, enabling timely and informed legal advice.

Enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing: These tools foster a collaborative culture by facilitating the sharing of documents and expertise, reducing redundancy. In healthcare, for example, a comprehensive repository of medical research papers can promote collaboration among professionals and enhance patient care.

Better decision-making: Access to comprehensive and up-to-date information empowers decision-makers to make informed choices. Retail companies can analyze customer data and sales trends using enterprise search, enabling data-driven decisions on inventory management, marketing, and product development.

Compliance and risk mitigation: Enterprise search ensures compliance with industry regulations and internal policies by providing easy access to relevant documents. It also incorporates security features to control access, aiding financial institutions in quickly retrieving and auditing financial records to meet regulatory requirements.

Enhanced customer experience: Quick access to customer data and relevant documents through enterprise search leads to improved customer service and satisfaction. For instance, a tech company can use the system to help customer support agents troubleshoot issues more efficiently by improving access to technical documents.

Cost savings: These solutions streamline information management, reducing costs associated with manual retrieval, duplicated efforts, and inefficient processes. For example, manufacturing companies can eliminate redundant product design documentation, reducing production errors and associated costs.

Enterprise search tools serve as transformative instruments, efficiently connecting individuals with the information they need. Their impact on collaboration, compliance, and cost savings is invaluable in navigating the complexities of the modern business landscape, helping organizations thrive in a data-driven world.

Glean: A cutting-edge Search as a Service Solution

Glean once, search everywhere

Experience your company’s collective knowledge seamlessly with Glean. Glean ensures that your team can access information from across all your company’s apps, making knowledge discovery efficient and effortless.

State-of-the-art deep learning

Glean employs state-of-the-art deep learning and vector search, powered by advanced language models. Its semantic understanding of natural language queries ensures precise and relevant search results. Glean continuously trains on your company’s language and context, eliminating the need for manual fine-tuning and delivering accurate results.

Supercharged by Generative AI

Glean takes search to the next level with generative AI and best-in-class retrieval augmented generation, providing document summaries within seconds. Say goodbye to information overload as Glean extracts insights from the most up-to-date information across all your company’s applications. Engage in dynamic conversations with Glean Chat for additional insights and follow-up queries.

Powerful personalization

Built on a foundation of powerful personalization, Glean constructs your company’s knowledge graph, understanding people, content, and interactions. Every search result is tailored to individual users, ensuring they see information most relevant to their needs. Glean even identifies subject matter experts within your organization if a resource is not readily available.

Trusted results

Glean ensures that your search results are indexed in real-time, guaranteeing access to the latest information. Pin important items to the top of search results to highlight key information for your team. Importantly, Glean enforces existing permissions, ensuring users only see what they are authorized to access.

Unveiling the Glean Search as a Service advantage

1. Comprehensive connectivity

With over 100 connectors, Glean searches across all your company’s applications, making it a unified platform for knowledge discovery. Additionally, Glean's APIs enable search across additional enterprise applications, ensuring a truly integrated experience.

2. AI grounded in trusted knowledge

Glean’s AI is grounded in your company’s unique knowledge model, delivering trustworthy and accurate results without the need for constant manual intervention. This ensures that your team can rely on Glean for critical decision-making.

3. Real-time indexing and highlighting

Glean's real-time indexing guarantees that your team can access the latest information instantly. Pin essential items to the top of search results to emphasize critical data and insights.

4. Personalization for every user

Glean builds a dynamic knowledge graph that tailors search results based on individual user preferences and interactions. This personalization enhances user satisfaction and ensures that each team member finds the information most relevant to their tasks.

Glean is not just a Search as a Service solution; it's a transformative force that empowers your team to navigate the vast landscape of company knowledge with ease. Revolutionize your knowledge discovery process with Glean and unlock the true potential of your collective intelligence. Schedule a demo now!

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