Glean Platform: Build custom generative AI solutions for work

Arvind Jain


When we unveiled Glean Assistant earlier this year, it was profound to see all the ways in which our users integrated it into their workflows. Regardless of industry or department, our enterprise-ready chat assistant delivered real business value for users looking to harness the full potential of generative AI in the modern workplace. 

However, we want the usefulness of generative AI to extend even further, and the integration process to be even more seamless. That’s why we’ve developed Glean Platform – the best way for companies to build and integrate tailored generative AI experiences for work. Glean Platform will provide a full complement of tools (app builder, APIs, SDKs, and other resources) enabling any enterprise to build robust generative AI applications to suit their specific needs. By combining their enterprise knowledge base with easy-to-implement, advanced capabilities powered by Glean, organizations will be able to move fast and securely with generative AI – all without breaking existing processes and priorities. 

Generative AI – just the way you want it

Getting the most out of generative AI requires a solution that’s customized for each team and purpose. Glean Platform enables just that – helping users create the infrastructure they need to meet workers wherever they are, whether through a lightweight app or a full custom chatbot experience.

AI App Builder using the Slack integration for publication

To achieve this, we’re focusing on three primary pillars while building Glean Platform: 

  1. Ease of integration: AI apps and workflows built through Glean Platform are instantly connected to all applications in use by the company. Glean Platform is also aware of user permissions and data governance from day one – providing developers peace of mind when integrating bots and apps. End-users are only served content and answers that they have access to.
  2. Ease of building: Custom AI app development made easy. Whether you’re interested in solving a very specific pain point, or want to enable the workforce for experimentation with generative AI, Glean enables you to deploy a multitude of AI apps with precisely-defined use cases.
  3. Platform portfolio: Glean offers a wide range of platform capabilities, ranging from Search and Chat APIs to no-code AI app building, as well as assistants that can be deployed as Slack channels and bots. 

We prioritized these pillars to solve for some of today’s biggest challenges with generative AI in the workplace. Folks are eager to integrate generative AI in order to revolutionize their products, processes, and services, but most solutions CIOs are exploring just aren’t robust or secure enough for enterprise work.


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Glean Platform changes that by providing the building blocks needed (including no-code!) to construct the best-fit generative AI experience for every situation without compromising on security and capability.

The means to build success

Glean Platform’s powerful suite of tools and functionalities will deliver the best of Glean’s underlying knowledge retrieval and connectivity technology into the hands of our users. Customers will also be able to tap into Glean’s powerful Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) capability through APIs, enabling them to build versatile AI applications grounded in accurate and relevant information. Furthermore, both coders and non-coders alike will be able to make the most of the features Glean Platform has to offer: 

  • AI App Builder: This low-code tool helps users easily build custom generative AI applications that perform defined functions in an organization, like answering frequently asked questions in a specific Slack channel. The applications can then pull information from a select set of data sources, from individual files to all data stored in an enterprise application, and everything in between. AI Apps built with Glean Platform follow all existing user permission and data governance rules, and can be embedded directly into an enterprise’s chat application of choice or added to other applications through an API. 
  • Tools SDK: This SDK enables customers to configure Glean Assistant to take actions on a user’s behalf in enterprise systems. Actions built using the SDK can fetch information from the Glean index and then use that information to automatically perform tasks like filling out a Jira ticket or composing an email.
  • Search & Chat APIs: The very same Search and Chat APIs that power Glean’s core enterprise products will be available for customers and partners to utilize when deploying their own AI applications. Companies will be able to easily extract content from their corpus to power custom-built LLM experiences, as well as return the results from Glean Chat queries to be used in customized AI workflows.

These powerful features on the roadmap aren’t the end of the story – we’re partnering with some of our valued customers during development to shape Glean Platform with new features across extensibility, composability, and new API endpoints. These partnerships include experimenting with our Search and Chat APIs, building AI apps on Glean primitives, and publishing AI apps easily into Slack for use. 

Get ahead of the curve with enterprise-ready AI

Glean Platform will provide workers with an opportunity to shape generative AI to work exactly how they and their teams want it to – all with the benefits of Glean’s market-leading capabilities for personalization, permissioning, and ease of integration. 

Looking to get started with generative AI today, not tomorrow? Curious to learn more about how Glean enterprise search and AI assistance can help supercharge your team’s work and knock down workplace silos? For more information, contact our team for a demo! 

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